Rachelle M

I love Active Body Pilates! I've taken classes from all of the instructors and really enjoy the variety they provide. I also really appreciate how they offer tips on how to continue practicing pilates during daily life activities.

Tiffany F

I love this Pilates studio. I had been experiencing repetitive stress injury pain from too much time at the keyboard. Working with Amy, I was able to address the areas that hurt, and strengthen the rest of me. It's been a couple of years now, and I am pain free, and overall my strength is so far beyond what I ever would have imagined for myself. I walk differently. I hold my body differently. It was a very gradual process. It's when I think back to the exercises that were impossible at the beginning that I realize just how far I've come.


How long have you been doing Pilates at ABP?
I have been doing Pilates at Active Body Pilates since 2008. I had foot surgery and was not able to do my normal fitness routine of hiking and running. To say I was depressed is an understatement. I happened across an advertisement for ABP and decided to call and see if it might be something I could do. I talked to Jana and told her my issues, she said to come in and we would work around the problem. I met Jana in her loft studio in Gilman Village and we went to work. I never looked back. I loved Pilates and it was what I needed at the time and still do. I try to go to Pilates at least once a week. I have done Mat classes, duets and group reformer.

What other exercise do you do beside Pilates and how has Pilates helped you in your day to day life?
I love the outdoors and do a lot of long distance walking, hiking and biking. My foot surgery wasn't entirely a success and I have a fused big toe on my right foot. It really impacted my balance. By strengthening my core, I have been able to improve my balance and that has allowed me to continue with my exercise routine and not worry about falling.

What do you like about Pilates?
What's not to like. I feel so good after my work out. In addition, I am a pretty social person and having other people to exercise with is great. I have also enjoyed getting to know Jana and the other instructors. I always look forward to my Pilates class and I only miss when I absolutely can't be there for some reason.

Mike K

I have been going to Active Body Pilates for over 3 years. Jana and her staff are extraordinary. They're extremely knowledgeable and pattern ones specific pilates training to fit the personal needs of the client. My needs were very difficult... to take my aging body and turn me into a superpower on the golf course. While that hasn't happened, the aches and pains are mostly gone... my golf scores still are not up to the desired level, but that's not Jana's fault, i'll take the blame. Going to Active Body Pilates is one of the things that I look forward to on a regular basis.

Jeannie Moskowitz

I have been coached by Jana Broecking for almost three years and since that time my muscle strength has greatly increased. I rarely get backaches anymore. I can feel the strength in my arms and legs in my daily life and as I do the Pilates exercises.

I look forward to my weekly session. It's fun and empowering and flies by. I highly recommend Pilates, especially at Active Body Pilates.

Kelly Suhr

I found Amy Solomon through the Active Body Pilates website when I was casually googling Pilates in an effort to find a new form of exercise that might work for me. I wasn't even sure that I would be a candidate for Pilates based on a history of back injuries, foot surgeries, and a C-section not to mention being overweight by ~100 lbs. I was severely out of shape and embarrassed to be in a group exercise situation, so the fact that Active Body Pilates offered private sessions was very intriguing to me and I hesitantly made an appointment with Amy for an intro session.

I didn't know it at the time, but my first session with Amy was the beginning of a journey to not only getting my body and strength back, but to getting my self-esteem and confidence back. Amy coached me through very basic moves at first, always checking to ensure that I wasn't aggravating an existing injury, but at the same time motivating me to push myself. Amy is always incorporating new exercises to keep things interesting and fast paced and an hour flies by (which I never thought I would say when describing exercise!). Amy exemplifies the definition of a good coach. She stays positive and focused during our sessions and is always ready to share in a laugh. She has a genuine concern for my health goals and shares excitement in all of my achievements.

Since I started Pilates 6 months ago, I have lost a total of 20 lbs and one dress size and feel confident that I am on target to achieve the remainder of my goal. I see tone in my legs and arms that I haven't seen in a long time (if ever), and I notice that my stamina and overall health are improving wholistically (so important when chasing after a 2 year old!). I would recommend Pilates with any of the instructors at Active Body Pilates - they are a fantastic group and I couldn't be happier with my experience!

Wang Yung

I have been a competitive athlete in the sport of fencing for over forty years and coaching for fifteen years of those years. Fencing requires the body to function asymmetrically. One leg uses a very different pushing action from the other leg. Naturally, the arm that has the weapon gets a very different workout than the one not holding a sword. This results in imbalance muscle development of one side of the body versus the other side. I also have had my share of injuries including two knee operations and shoulder problems. As part of my training regiment, I work out with weights, do aerobics and some of yoga. My other maintenance routine involves massages, adjustments by a chiropractor and acupuncture. However the complimentary workout that has had the greatest impact on my performance is Pilates.

I have taken some Pilates-like classes and some Pilates classes at a local gym. I started Pilates with Jana at Active Bodies Pilates little over two years ago. The difference between Jana and other instructors is dramatic. Jana very quickly discovered some underused muscles due to my posture and overdevelopment of other muscles. I have no idea how long I have been working at less than full capacity. With patience and encouragement Jana literally activated some major muscles that had be severely underutilized. As an athlete who is used to working hard to get results and always had the idea that I am pretty aware of my body, discovering I could not do some "simple" Pilates exercises was not comforting. I cannot say enough about Jana's encouragement and knowing just what to do to get the result I needed. As inadequate as I may feel during when I struggle through a routine, I always feel better after a Pilates session. The work paid off. Two years later, I find my posture has improved, I am using my body better and have become more aware of how to execute every day, normal, movements better. Since taking Pilates from Jana, my fencing and coaching improved because I am able to use my body better and my state of mind is also more "balanced".

In 2011, I won the Veterans Fencing World Championships and in 2012 I won the Bronze medal. This would not have happened if not for the benefits of Pilates under the guidance of Jana.

John and Joan Scott


We are probably Jana’s oldest clients----82 and 85. We began Pilates on a vacation in Maui close to ten years ago to see what it was and how it could benefit our aging bodies. At that time we lived in Portland and continued taking individual classes designed for our specific needs.

Four years ago we moved to Issaquah and were lucky to find Jana. We each have very different physical issues so we are taking individual sessions. We appreciate the attention she gives to our conditions and how thoughtfully she approaches each session and gives special attention to developing and maintaining a strong core group of muscles. Jana strives to make us aware of what we can do to improve in our daily activities.

Jana is interesting, interested, encouraging, cheerful and fun.

We don’t hesitate to recommend her to our friends at Timber Ridge (a continuing care retirement community here in Issaquah). At Timber Ridge we have many lectures, exercise classes, balance classes etc., they all emphasize the importance of a strong core, a key element of the Pilates program.


Robert R. Hearn:

I began practicing Pilates with Jana about two years ago in hope’s of further developing my “Core” and “Lower Back” strength. I had read about the benefits that Pilates can offer and heard great things about Jana… but what I actually have realized has gone far beyond any expectations I once held… and I have been a committed student ever since!

I not only significantly increased my strength in targeted core and
lower back areas but also realized significant change in my overall body conditioning, balance, flexibility, support and general relaxation. Many of my chronic injuries have disappeared and I can really “FEEL” the difference in everything I do!

Most recently I have been working the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and other balance equipment with Jana “one-on-one”. She has created a program that is personalized to my specific needs and monitors my performance against those objectives. The result is that in a very short amount of time I am seeing rapid improvement in body strength and a total body change.

When it comes to Jana I can’t say enough about her or her talents…
Jana has a natural ability to be motivating and encouraging while at the same time providing clear and focused technical instruction. She is always aware and mindful of injured or weak areas that are in need special attention. Her session’s are varied, interesting, can be tailored to your specific needs and most importantly fun!

Whether you are “Beginning”, “Intermediate” or “Advanced” I promise that you will see and feel a difference. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Jana and I am looking toward to working with her in the future. I have no doubt that the progress we make will only be limited to the time I have to devote to Pilates!

Taran Collis:

The moment I walked into Active Body Pilates I knew I had found my studio.
The Studio has all the equipment to offer a variety of exercises and props to allow group classes. Jana is enthusiastic and has such a great sense of humor it makes Pilates that much more fun. Who knew you could have a great time while engaging your core!! Now I can and I am hooked! I highly recommend Jana to all levels looking for excellent quality of instruction and facilities.



As a lifetime athlete, I have always led an active lifestyle from playing baseball and basketball through high school to technical mountain climbing in my twenties to now cycling, hiking, skiing, and soccer in my thirties. Before I started Pilates my fitness was built on whatever sport or climb I was training for or just going to the gym to lift weights & do some cardio. But as my life has evolved, I moved from a relatively active job to a “desk job”, having a family with both an energetic six year old daughter and an equally energetic dog and have broadened my interests athletically. As a result, I’ve looked for new and different ways to achieve the fitness necessary to do all the activities I love.

How Pilates has helped me: Pilates has changed my perspective on what it means to be strong. It has taken me out of the traditional gym environment and turned me into a more well rounded athlete and person with quiet strength that emerges from the core. Over the past three years, a combination of Mat and regular private sessions has produced dramatic changes in my overall fitness, my flexibility and the shape of my body. Every time I complete a session, I’m amazed at what my body is able to do. I am leaner and stronger and can take on the challenges of new sports like skiing and cycling with much greater ease and grace. I believed that Pilates helps protect my body from injury both from sport; and, as part of an active family, I’m proud to see that my daughter has a balanced attitude toward fitness and wellness, much of it attributed to the method and philosophy of Pilates.


Lifestyle/Hobbies: As a hobby, I'm a Master Scuba Diver instructor and have been teaching for 7 years. My passions are traveling and diving and I love destinations that are off the beaten path and embracing new cultures and new adventures. Some of my recent favorite places are: Mozambique South Africa, Galapagos, and Palau.

How Pilates has helped me: I believe that balance is the key to a fulfilling life and my motto is to work hard and play hard -to be present in every moment of my life. When I first started Pilates, I was looking for a different workout from weights, cardio, and yoga. Pilates has not only strengthened my body but has helped me find my core strength and I feel more centered and energized after every session. I have found that through Pilates I am stronger in my every day activities from managing work stress and having better posture to being stronger and more centered when diving, cardio kickboxing, hiking, and engaging in new sports like snowboarding.