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Kristy Guadalupe     >> Schedule Online

In January 2007 Kristy began her Stott Pilates certification training program at Bodycenter Studios in the Fremont area of Seattle. She became fully certified in mat and equipment work in October of 2009. Kristy has been teaching mat classes since she began her training in 2007 and teaching private Pilates on the equipment since 2008. Kristy also completed an Injury and Special Populations Course at Bodycenter Studios in May of 2010. Kristy has experience instructing many different body types and special populations in Pilates; The young and fit, older and sedentary, clients with back, knee and hip injuries, hip replacements, pre-natal and post-natal clients. Teaching kids to do Pilates and learn about their core is somewhere in her future.

Kristy feels more confident every day that everyone CAN do Pilates and everyone SHOULD do Pilates. "It is Your Body, so do Pilates!"

Kristy started practicing Pilates in 2005, taking just one mat class a week. The thing she loved the most about Pilates at first was how the mind-body connection made an hour of exercise seem like a minute. For that one hour a week all she thought about was how to efficiently move her body in order to master the exercises put before her. Quickly that one (1) class a week turned into two and once she was introduced to the Pilates equipment workout, there was no stopping her passion for this new found exercise

(425) 351-5248  guadalupek@centurylink.net

Maria Menser    >> Schedule Online

Maria has been a fitness instructor since 2005. She is a STOTT® Certified Pilates Instructor, including all apparatus, and has advanced training in injury and special populations. Maria believes Pilates is a fantastic component of a healthy lifestyle and is the perfect complement to life's everyday activities as well as other areas of physical fitness. Pilates should be fun and functional, and Maria aims to educate clients about the essence of the exercise so that key concepts will stay with clients after their Pilates session ends and into their everyday life. Once a client starts to incorporate the Pilates principles of proper biomechanics and functional alignment into their daily life, clients begin to make more efficient movements. More efficient movement means better posture and balance, more energy, less pain, improved endurance and core strength – all of which makes people happier and improves their quality of life. Maria provides focused attention to her clients with the goal of customizing their exercises to achieve the maximum benefit from every Pilates session. When Maria is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends golfing, running and doing Pilates or taking group fitness classes.

Maria also holds a B.A from the University of Washington.

(206) 234 8524  maria@fitgirlathletics.com

Julie van der Meyden     >> Schedule Online

Julie began her 800 hour training for a classical Pilates certificate in 2006. She was certified to teach all apparatuses and mat classes by 2008. She maintained a position at the studio where she received her certification teaching special situation clients including prenatal, post natal, post surgery, professional athletes and students working towards their Pilates certification. Her favorite teaching experiences were those clients who reached goals like weight loss, flexibility, rehabilitation or just overall strength. Being part of a plan that comes together is very rewarding!

Julie's main passion in life is health and fitness. She also does CrossFit and Hot Yoga. She has been eating Paleo for almost two years. She recently moved from Memphis, TN to Maple Valley. She is married with 3 kids, 2 French Bulldogs and a cat.

(901) 828 3512  jvan2287@gmail.com

Michelle Hoyos    >> Schedule Online

Michelle Hoyos was first exposed to Pilates as a professional dancer in the early 70's. She studied the classical approach with 1st generation teacher Romana in NY, the percussive breath and towel work with Ron Fletcher in CA and TX. She certified through the Physicalmind Institute in the 90's to teach mat, apparatus, special population's and gait analysis. She is the certifying teacher for the Institute in the Pacific Northwest. She has her BA and MA in Dance and education and taught dance in private studio's, as well as for West L.A. college, and was a guest lecturer at U.C.L.A. Her Pilates practice has been extensive working with professional ballet dancers, competitive ice skaters, golfers, equestrians and a world champion ballroom dancer from Sammamish.

"The majority of my client base the last 12 years has been rehab working with back injuries, knee and hip replacement, MS and pelvic floor dysfunction. Pilates offers so much no matter what is going on with your body or in your life. I look forward to working with you here at Active Body Pilates."

Available Fridays 2pm-7pm and Sundays 9am-1pm.

(425) 770 9162  hoyospilates@gmail.com

Amy Salomon     >> Schedule Online

Amy is a STOTT® Certified Pilates Instructor with focused training in injury and special populations. Impressed with the profound results achieved with Pilates she continues to study the mind/body relationship and the benefits of controlled movement, taking diverse classes with accomplished physical therapists and Pilates professionals.

Amy actively practices Pilates and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, both styles linking dynamic, flowing movement with breath. Working with clients at Active Body Pilates has been one of her most rewarding accomplishments. Amy enjoys sharing her knowledge, helping clients achieve positive changes in fitness, alignment and movement patterns in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Exercise in the Pilates studio can start small.... but with focused energy grows into higher goals, increased balance and strength leading to a healthier, active life.

(206) 779-3586  a4salomon@gmail.com

Jana Broecking     >> Schedule Online

How Pilates has helped me

Pilates reminds me everyday of how complex, delicate yet strong our bodies are. Jana chose to get certified in the STOTT ® Pilates method because they have worked in collaboration with physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, to ensure that the STOTT method is aligned with scientific and biomechanical research. Pilates has helped Jana to understand how the body works, which has allowed her to take her well being into her own hands. Janas’ teaching style reflects that approach. Her goal is to provide the client with tools and exercises to lay a foundation to a better mind-body connection.

Jana has been practicing and teaching Pilates since 2005 and is happy to report that, despite an old back injury, she is enjoying her hobbies like triathlons, fencing, hiking and anything that involves snow as well as being a proud mom to her almost 1 year old son, Irah (born March, 2015).

An Active Body with balanced strength and flexibility is a healthy body

Personal Background

Born and raised in Düsseldorf (hometown of Joseph Pilates) Germany, Jana Broecking moved to the States with her mother when she was 16. She earned a Bachelors Degree of Science (Biology and Chemistry) from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks). While finishing up her degree she worked as a Fitness Instructor and started woodworking and metal fabrication classes. Jana fell in love with woodworking and worked in the field until 2005 while continuing to teach fitness.

Soon she decided that she wanted to grow further with her teachings due to increased back problems. She enrolled into an extensive Pilates Training Program (STOTT) through Body Center Studios, in Seattle. Jana is a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor who enjoys improving on her education by attending private sessions herself, workshops and doing observation hours with Physical Therapists.

In her spare time Jana enjoys hot glass casting at Pratt Fine Arts Center and continues to weld sculptural and functional pieces whenever the time allows. She has donated her work to auctions at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Pilchuck Glass School. Jana enjoys the outdoors during all seasons. She is a certified Level 3 Ski Instructor and teaches at Snoqualmie Pass during the winter weekends. Jana loves fresh air and working with her hands and she will try to be an Active Body and encourage others to be Active Bodies for as long as she can.

206.229.5103  jana.broecking@gmail.com (best)

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